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Volunteer Network Centre Newham

Let's Connect with Faith

A Guide entitled "Let's Connect with Faith" has been produced for Volunteer Centres and others providing expertise on volunteering who want to learn how to tailor their services and develop support for volunteering in a multi-faith society.

The Volunteer Network Centre, Newham commissioned the Guide, which will also help faith-based organisations who want to know how to access the services available through their local volunteering infrastructure agency to increase the quality and quantity of volunteering for the benefit of their communities.

The Guide draws on The Volunteer Network Centre Newham's work with 3 partners, together with some examples of other faith-based and infrastructure agencies working in partnership outside Newham and also signposts additional sources of information and advice.

"Let's Connect with Faith" has been produced through the Modernising Volunteering workstream, led by Volunteering England and funded by the Capacitybuilders' National Support Services programme.

The guide can be downloaded here