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What is the difference between volunteering and unpaid work?

Who Volunteers?

Volunteers come from all walks of life, representing all ages and demographics. They volunteer for many different reasons and offer vastly different types of skills and services.

Examples include:

How can I benefit?

Volunteering is a two-way exchange of skills and experiences. By volunteering you are helping an organisation do something that they wouldn't have otherwise been able to do.

In return you can gain a whole host of things:

How do I find the right voluntary opportunity for me?

Think about:
Will volunteering affect my Benefits?

Can I be paid for of out-of-pocket expenses?

VNC recommends all its host organisations to pay out of pocket expenses (against receipts).

Out of pocket expenses include: Unfortunately, not all organisations can afford to pay expenses. VNC staff will be able to check before you start whether the organisation will pay your expenses.

I have a criminal record - does that mean that I can't volunteer?

Even if you do have a criminal record, you can still volunteer. It depends on the type of record you hold. Some types of criminal record will affect the types of work you can do or the people you can work with. This can be discussed when you register.

Areas we serve:

We serve the borough of Newham including: